| The New York Times

A Spice Company Spent $92,000 on Pro-Impeachment Facebook Ads in a Week

Candidates, campaigns and companies have unleashed a flood of Facebook advertisements related to impeachment, and it might come as no surprise that President Trump and his re-election campaign are far outspending everyone else.

But last week, the second biggest spender was an entity you might not be familiar with: a purveyor of pepper, paprika and poppy seeds based in Wisconsin.

Penzeys Spices, a family-owned company in Wauwatosa, spent nearly $92,000 on Facebook advertisements related to impeachment from Sept. 29 to Oct. 5, according to data from a communications agency that tracks political spending.

(That was eclipsed by Mr. Trump and his campaign, which spent more than $700,000.)

Bill Penzey, who founded the company in 1986, said he found out about the second-place ranking on Wednesday when customers emailed him.